Do you need 3D models for machining, inspection, or 3D printing? Can you afford expensive, infrequently used, software? Do you have time to learn another complicated application?

No worries. We've got you covered.

Go from this...

Go from this... this. this.

Or from this...

Or from this...

 ... to this.

 ... to this.

We understand the needs of machine shops and small manufacturers.

We can supply models in the following formats: SolidWorks, Parasolid, STL, IGES, and STEP.

We accommodate requests such as:

  • Machined Condition: MMC, LMC, or custom conditions.
  • Custom fixtures. 
  • Material stock or casting models.
  • Intermediate machining models.
  • Breaking corners on turned parts to reduce deburring operations. 

Unless otherwise specified: models will be created to nominal dimensions; model origin will correspond to drawing dimension origin; and turned parts will be revolved around the Z-axis.

Feel free to call us at (615) 668-7324 or use our contact form